Introducing | The New Armorer Works Custom VX01 Series Pistols.

AW Custom™ is proud to announce the VX Series Hex Cut pistols, a brand new range of pistols featuring our signature hex cuts and hex porting to reduce the overall weight of the pistol in addition to providing an aggressive gripping surface.


Whether you’re putting this pistol through it’s paces at an IPSC/Action Air competition, or skirmishing it, this pistol will consistently outperform the competition, putting shots downrange accurately, and with blistering speed.


he VX01 Series Pistol features our iconic Hex-Cut full metal slide with AW Custom™ Logo engraved outer barrel. Our signature hex cuts and hex porting work to aggressively reduce weight on the pistol while ensuring a better grip while racking the slide. The luminous fibre optic front & rear sight allow the shooter to aim with confidence, even in low-light conditions.


The anti-slip texture, combined with the Hex-Cut design provides a versatile gripping surface suitable for almost any range condition you encounter.


The enlarged base plate of the magazine enables the operator easy access to the magazine. Designed for instinctive mag changes during competition when failure is not an option.

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