The Best Bullpup to date?

The ARES Kel-Tec RDB could possibly be the best bullpup AEG to date, this sneak peek from Marck over at RWTV might prove why it is so. Enjoy watching!


The Kel-Tec RDB is a modern bullpup rifle chambered in 5.56 that is the little brother to the RFB chambered in .308. The RDB comes from the same family of firearms as the widely known KSG shotgun and shares many similarities with it.

From its square texturing to how its controls are set up, the RDB evokes a very modern and forward-thinking design philosophy of “less is more”. There is nothing on this rifle that is not supposed to be there, from a simple paddle-like fire selector to a lever-activated magazine release, the RDB is very purpose-driven while delivering clean contours and from an ergonomic standpoint, it feels incredible akin to the KSG.

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