ARES Defense Announces New FightLite STEP-22KT Pistol Chambered in .22LR

Melbourne, FL – FightLite Industries, a special products division of ARES Defense Systems, Inc. announces their new patent-pending ARES Defense-FightLite STEP-22KT Pistol (Strategic Target Engagement Pistol, Compact-Threaded).

FightLite STEP-22KT 2

The ARES Defense-FightLite STEP-22KT Pistol is an accurate, rugged, lightweight and reliable monolithic pistol receiver chambered in .22LR and features a tensioned target barrel with an industry standard ½ x 28” TPI threaded muzzle for the mounting of silencers, muzzle brakes and other muzzle devices. The STEP-22KT ™ also includes MIL-STD-1913 Rails at the 6 and 12 o’clock positions for mounting lights, lasers, optics and other accessories.

FightLite STEP-22KT 4

Designed primarily for civilian shooters; the STEP-22KT is optimized with features to deliver accuracy and reliable performance! The tensioned target barrel chambered in .22 LR “Bentz” dampens accuracy degrading harmonics typically associated with lightweight barrels for excellent and repetitive shot placement. And the patent-pending STEP-22KT™ monolithic receiver ensures that there are no sight rails or tubes to loosen during firing.

FightLite STEP-22KT

All STEP-22 models are designed to readily interchange with the standard pistol receiver on popular RUGER® Mk-I®, Mk-II®, Mk-III® and 22/45® pistols without any tools or gunsmithing required, providing users with a lightweight pistol capable of accommodating lasers, lights, optics and accessories on monolithic rails that won’t loosen during use.

FightLite STEP-22KT 5

Installation of any FightLite STEP-22 monolithic receiver on a RUGER Mk-I®, Mk-II®, Mk-III® or 22/45 pistol is easy and straightforward. Simply follow the unloading and disassembly instructions specified in the RUGER® manual for your pistol. Once disassembled, set your RUGER upper receiver aside and reassemble your pistol with the FightLite STEP-22™ monolithic receiver assembly using the original RUGER bolt and trigger housing from your pistol. It’s that simple!

FightLite STEP-22KT 3

MSRP is $379 and FightLite® Industries is accepting orders which will be available to ship to customers as early as July 1, 2016.

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