Ares Airsoft launches new line of AEGs and Accessories.

ARES x AMOEBA poster

Introducing Ares latest AxA – ARES x AMOEBA M4 AEG series, featuring AMOEBA PRO MHS (Modular HandGuard System), APT (AMOEBA PRO TACTICAL) Grip and Stock with ARES original EFCS (Electronic Firing Control System) Gearbox and more.


ARES airsoft guns are not merely direct clones of other airsoft manufacturer’s designs. Rather, ARES airsoft guns are distinguished by their uncomplicated and useful technical innovations, designed and tested in-house to meet player’s needs, while simultaneously focusing on realism. ARES is also constantly working to improve existing models by developing and introducing new features and capabilities.

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Combining a high standard of quality and performance with realistic features and markings, ARES AEGs are built around durable and reliable reinforced metal gearboxes with an innovative and convenient spring upgrade system. This allows ARES AEGs to be adjusted above or below their basic out-of-the-box 360-380 FPS far more easily, quickly and affordably than any other AEGs (since only the spring is replaced). The standard motors included in ARES AEGs are high torque, 1000 RPM units, which produces a good rate of fire even with higher spring power. ARES AEGs are compatible with most standard internal upgrade parts for higher performance and accuracy. All ARES AEGs are compatible with Lithium Polymer (LiPo) and Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo) batteries (batteries not included).

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