The much anticipated sniper rifle Amoeba STRIKER AS-01 from Ares Airsoft is now available.


The Amoeba AS-01 is designed to be ergonomic and modular. The design of this rifle takes it inspiration from other familiar platforms with a focus on being light weight and maneuverable.


The polymer stock emphasizes modularity of the rifle includes the length adjustable butt pads, replaceable cheek rest, and replaceable finger groove front grip panel.


Key Features

  • Compact Power Spring Bolt (patent pending) : The total length of bolt is 30% shorter than tradition that improve the efficiency of loading
  • Load Indicator (patent pending) : To indicate the loading of blot and improve the safety from mis-shooting. This is first even in airsoft rifle.
  • Direct Feeding System : To reduce the jamming of ballet and easy for cleaning
  • Trigger Box Adjustment: Easy to fine tune the designated trigger distance and power of shooting
  • Changeable parts : The design is easy to change the upgrade parts on the body, handguard, pistol grip and others. 4 colors are available for choice.
  • Quick Spring Changing system : Easy to uninstall the bolt and change the spring
  • Spring compatibility : It is 100% compatible with standard AEG spring. Players can use their existing AEG to upgrade their designated power

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