Ares Airsoft to release new modular handguard and short midcap for the Amoeba Series.

Following the sucess of their AMOEBA series Ares Airsoft is in the process of releasing a modular Handguard System for the AMOEBA AEG series that will also work with other brands. The new Modular Handguard System replaces the original handguard and gives the option to mount laser pointer, foregrips, handguard angle grips, bipod, flashlight …etc.


The latest AMOEBA modular handguard system is a combination of different accessories. easy & prompt recombination with high flexibility, and enable the Aisoft players to easily manage various situations and environments. Easy to mount, require no gunsmith. Available for change, retrofit, and adjust subject to users’ needs and requirements.


The Modular Handguard System and it’s parts will be available soon in Black and Flat Dark Earth (FDE).

Alongside the new handguard Ares Airsoft will also relase a new short midcap magazine with capacity for 140bbs made out of polymer with Anti-slip surface on the sides and a rubber block attached on the bottom that allows easy drawing from magazine pouches.


The rubber attachment at the end of the magazine enables the gun to be placed flatwise on the floor, giving the player a more stable platform to shoot while on the prone position.


This new short midcap magazine from Ares Airsoft  will be available soon in Black and Flat Dark Earth (FDE).

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