Introducing the all new Arc’teryx LEAF – Assault Glove FR. Enhanced Manual Dexterity To Better Perform Tasks And Objectives.


Exact attention to detail, the Assault Glove FR delivers the refined function of a precision instrument. Ergonomically shaped, the Assault Glove provides a rare and exceptional level of dexterity.



Flame resistant materials protect the hand, while reinforced finger and web construction increases durability and reliable performance. An integral tool for direct action tasks, the Assault Glove FR also has touch sensor capability. When no fail demands are placed on a piece of equipment, it must be treated as a finely calibrated tool. The Assault Glove FR is clinically efficient.

Touch Sensor Capability
Enhanced dexterity with touch sensor fingertips presents a seamless integration into all tactical actions.

Tactile Dexterity
Leather palm and knuckle reinforcements, plus reinforced finger and web construction enhance long-term usability.

Flame Resistant Textiles
Built with hard-wearing flame resistant materials, providing safe protection with long lasting durability.


  • Leather palm and knuckle reinforcements provide long term durability
  • Touch sensor capability
  • Precision fit
  • Utility loops for easy, secure storage
  • Index finger cut-off option


  • TenCate Defender™ M 10 oz. interlock
  • Touch Sensor Tsunami leather (palm)
  • Washable goat leather (knuckle)

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