It is a year on from Operation Cerberus where Rain and Flame troops entered the drug infested tunnels of Drakelow to re-start a powered down nuclear reactor. The war has taken a break in fighting due to the overwhelming number of civilian casualties caused by huge nuclear fallout from an exploding satellite during Operation Fallen Angel. With troops unable to take out both experimental power rods from the satellite the remaining rod exploded and is still causing illness and taking lives across the country.

The Rain have been stockpiling weapons for a brand new offensive. Knowing the Rain had the upper hand at the start of the war the Flame have started pushing out to reclaim land lost in the last two years.

Intelligence gained about the Rains new offensive uncovered information pertaining to an arms factory and mass weapons caches. The new Flame command have decided to make a pre-emptive strike to counter the threat and take out The Rains stronghold.

Operation Resurgence was held at the Tac House Spartan – One of the largest CQB airsoft sites in the UK.

It was voted the 3rd best site in the country by Airsoft International Magazine in 2016.  The post apocalyptic outside areas with vehicles and bunkers gives you a taster of whats to come in the 3 story mill but it will not prepare you for the skills you will require to navigate and fight through large open rooms and tight room to room areas when the light goes from dim to pitch black.