Spotlight |  Alligator Sniper Platform

We posted about the Alligator plattform already the end of 2018 when Giena Tactics first announced it. Now, the company released some more details and pictures for you to look at. Check it out below:

Alligator is a long sniper coat and you can install 3D leafs by yourself as you want. It’s ideal for people how want to tune everything by themselves.

Alligator 3D has already installed 3D leafs and you can add more by your needs! It’s almost ready ghillie suit! You can use it without additional vegetation – as is. Alligator will work excellent: foliage all over the surface perfectly hides you in environment. Alternatively, you can add additional elements, mix patterns and natural vegetation to meet your needs and environment. If you want to become invisible in environment – use slings located on the surface of the coat. You can easily install additional vegetation, threads and rags.Alligator 3D Max is very similar to previous model, but made of thin and light material and has two time more vegetation installed! Sleeves have adjusters to fit different shapes and people. With front fasteners you can adjust torso volume. Size adjusted to almost any size! You can even wear it over your backpack.Alligator has big hood usable with any helmet. Hood made of strong durable mesh and very breathable. Hood has depth and width adjusters to meet any requirements. We produce Alligator in different patterns patterns: Multicam, A-TACS FG, Partizan, Digital Flora, Pogranichnik, Greenzone, Flektarn-D, Olive, Black and others!

Want to be invisible — Alligator is what you need!

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