Desert Night Camo hoodies from OSNL are here!

Something cool for the gear nerds right here. Get ready to SHED THE VEST and experience the DNC Occultation STV Hoodie!

The DNC Occultation STV Hoodie is made of premium 50/50 NyCo. It is comprised of an outer removable vest and a 100% cotton under shirt with 50/50 NyCo sleeves. Cool features include front breast pockets that are tilted inboard for easy access with velcro closures and a slit for sunglasses. Another highlight is shoulder pockets tilted inboard for easy access with velcro closures.

Pre-orders are live!!!

If you want to to be different, then this hoodie is the way to go. And if you´re into the old school Night Camo, this is for you!

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