alg defense m-lock handguards

ALG Defense  Ergonomic Modular Rail (EMR) M-LOK Handguards, High-Quality and Affordable.

The ALG Defense Ergonomic Modular Rail (EMR) with M-LOK Locking System was designed to be a cost effective, lightweight, ergonomic and modular option for the M4 Carbine and all mil-spec AR-15 variants. The ALG EMR with M-LOK Locking System was also designed to do a good job in meeting the ten design specifications for a good M4 weapon rail.Instead of four sharp and jagged M1913 rails spaced at 90 degree intervals, the ALG EMR is fully ergonomic, maintaining its comfortable rounded shape throughout the length of the rail. The rounded top allows the shooter to easily wrap his or her thumb over the top of the EMR as many shooters like to do with a forward grip.


The ALG EMR is machined from a semi-billet extrusion made from aircraft grade aluminum. A semi billet extrusion is designed with extensive machining stock for 3D features that are machined directly into the rail so that the rail is one integral piece.Use of aircraft grade aluminum and high strength steels in the ALG EMR give the entire assembly a good strength and performance to weight ratio.The weapon barrel is completely free floating when an ALG EMR is mounted. No force is put into the barrel from slings or bipods that could affect point of aim.

alg defense m-lock

Accessory rails can be attached anywhere along the length of the rail in 45° intervals, including the standard 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions. The 12 o’clock rail will “co-witness” with the top of an M4 upper receiver for use with any front BUIS. The ALG EMR also includes 2 standard non-rotating QD slots on either side of the rail. With the M-LOK Locking System the special steel rotating nuts are precision machined from 17-4 stainless. The slots on the rail are also precision machined so that the accessory rail, nut and rail all mate together perfectly. Using a short armed hex key, the accessroy rail is then locked in place creating a rock solid platform for any attaching of accessories.

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