Jonathan from Airsoftology reviews the Umarex T4E Law Enforcement Training Rifle

Jonathan’s looking at something very different this review; The .43 caliber projectile shooting T4E Law Enforcement training rifle from Umarex.

Watch and see what this review reveals about this potential budget-saving SIM/UTM replacement training tool, and if a tuned-down version could ever work its way into the airsoft world.

The T4E TM4 is a new MilSim training weapon brought to you by Umarex. The T4E operates off of C02 cartridges that are put into the magazine, and you are capable of getting 40 rounds out of one capsule.

Each magazine is capable of holding 14 rounds, but it’s recommended to use 13 rounds to prevent the powder balls or paint balls from rupturing.The realistic feel and weight of the gun really help simulate military simulation training and law enforcement training. The bolt catch and release work that just as real AR-15.

The blue furniture helps it to be recognized as a training rifle. Now unlike simulation rounds this training rifle creates no smoke, and allows you to engage closer than you normally would be able to with simulation rounds. If you are looking for a good training weapon if you are law enforcement or military, the TM4 is a great gun for all of your training needs.

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