Jonathan from Airsoftology reviews the Timberwolf Xtreme Airsoft Pistol for you. Watch the video review below.

Can this tricked out pistol from Echo1 outrun the pack? Jonathan takes a look to see what the Timberwolf Xtreme is all about.

The Timberwolf is officially licensed by Lone Wolf, which is the world’s largest distributor of Glock style accessories. Starting at the front of the gun you will notice that the muzzle is tapered, Lone Wolf calls this muzzle design the “Bull Nose” design, which enables the gun to be holstered more easily. Next you will notice front cocking serrations, these serrations allow the user the ability to rack the gun from the front as well as perform a press check. The lower frame of the Timberwolf is where most of the ergonomic changes have been made. The most obvious change is the grip angle, which has been modified to resemble the grip of the 1911. The grip of this gun features an interchangeable back strap which allows the user to modify the gun according to the users grip preference. The beaver tail has also been extended to force the users hand into the proper position and remove the threat of slide bite. The grip has also been checkered to ensure that the user’s hand does not slip even when wet. The magazine catch has also been improved by being rounded out which allows the user to have more area to release the magazine without cutting into the user’s hand. The rail system has also been improved and is a standard picatinny rail which allows the user to mount any type of picatinny style accessory.

The latest addition of the Timberwolf is sure to please. The Lone Wolf Timberwolf Xtreme features a ported slide to make it lighter in weight for a faster cycle rate and trigger reset. This means the newly designed slide assists in reducing the time necessary for a BB to chamber into the barrel and for it to be ready to fire.

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