Jonathan from Airsoftology reviews the Spartan 300 Blackout SRX AEG Series made by Vega Force Company

Palco Sports is bringing a new line of premium M4s to the market in 2016 and have partnered with VFC to make it happen. With 3 options to match play-styles from CQB to Milsim, they have something for just about every taste.

The new Spartan Full Metal SRX 300 Blackout Series SRX 306 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun By VFC. The full metal body is sure to please to user with the sturdy and realistic build quality. Internally, the gun features the same high quality full metal gearbox that has made VFC so famous. The airsoft gun also includes a Magpul magazine pull for a quicker magazine pull. The included rear and front sight flip up when needed to target opponents without an optic. Additionally, the package includes a hand fore-grip for improving versatility and stabilizing your grip onto the airsoft gun.

The VFC QRS Stock combines several features prevalent in aftermarket tactical stocks of today while introducing new innovations. The stock is retracted by pulling the adjustment lever to the rear, unlike most other modern and past stocks for the AR platform which have required the user to pull up and backwards to change positions. For battery storage, the rear of the QRS stock (secured by two press-in tabs) swings up to allow for either a single stick-type LiPo battery to sit vertically or upon removal of the storage tube caps, a nunchuck-type battery pack to be position horizontally like in a crane stock. Lastly, among the other innovative external features of the QRS Stock, there is a single picatinny rail section built into the bottom of the stock’s butt to accept a monopod.

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