Jonathan from Airsoftology reviews the Magic Box Next Generation Miracle Inner Barrel.

Jonathan looks at the Next Generation of the Miracle barrel on the airsoft battlefield to see if this 6.06mm “tightbore” barrel can really make that big of a difference in your airsoft gun’s accuracy, or is it all smoke and mirrors…

The Magic Box Miracle Barrel is a step up over standard precision barrels. The unique feature of the Miracle Barrels is the platform where the BB rests as it sit inside the barrel before being shot.

The VERSION 2 Miracle Barrel has a much wider platform for and even better trajectory output. The platform is made of a stronger material than the rest of the barrel to eliminate wear and tear of the chamber that other barrels would experience through normal use.

Also, the platform creates a small track that props the BB up to ensure consistent contact with the hop up bumper, shot after shot. The addition of this track platform inside the barrel ensures that the Miracle Barrel will give you more consistent accuracy, especially over the long term use of your gun, and a longer effective range.

The Miracle Barrel is optimized for the use of heavy weight BBs over 0.25g as well as BB diameters between 5.92mm to 5.96mm. The Miracle barrel is designed to increase range dramatically with proper BBs without increasing the output velocity.

There are other hop up modifications on the market that claim to increase range and accuracy with regular tight bore barrels, but the Miracle barrel is one of the only proven options that consistently performs better, test after test.

If you’re looking for the most consistent and longest effective range barrel option for your airsoft then look no further than the Magic Box Miracle TOT Inner Barrel.

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