Jonathan from Airsoftology reviews the Lancer Tactical Multi Mission Carbine for you. Watch the video review below.

Lancer Tactical is bringing their A-Game with the release of the new Multi Mission Carbine (MMC) series of AEGs… so we take a deep look at the polymer rifle to see if it checks all the boxes for a full-featured / mid-priced airsoft gun.

The Multi Mission Carbine ( MMC ) is apart of Lancer Tactical’s Elite line of airsoft guns. These airsoft guns are designed out of a much higher quality material with a higher calling of performance. Out of the box, the gun already feels like it is made like a tank. The upper and lower receivers are made out of a very strong polymer material designed to withstand heavy use and if dropped accidentally, the body will flex and retain its shape instead of cracking, additionally supporting the gearbox to prevent malfunction. The front assembly features a lightweight polymer rail system with a monolithic upper rail for an uninterrupted platform when mounting optics and other accessories. Internally, the gearbox features Lonex’s performance gearbox with upgraded aftermarket components.

lancer tactical mmc

This rifle features Lonex’s Original Gear Set that have been constructed out of high quality steel and heat treated for durability. The piston is constructed out of a high density polycarbonate material with steel teeth that are designed to mesh properly with the gear teeth for continuous reliability and performance. The piston head is constructed out of a polycarbonate material and ported for maximum air seal. The benefit of having this type of piston head results in a longer lasting assembly over other piston heads made out of a weak plastic construction. In conjunction with the piston head, the cylinder is made out of aluminum and teflon coated for maximum air seal, the cylinder head and air nozzle are also constructed out of a more dense polymer material. In conclusion, Lancer Tactical has done an excellent job in collaboration with Lonex to provide a beautiful work of art while still providing airsoft guns at an affordable price that Lancer Tactical has been known for. High performance and affordability can’t get any better than this. These airsoft guns are sure to be a game changer on the field from the new to the more experienced airsoft player.

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