Jonathan from Airsoftology reviews the ICS SPR / CQB Combo Pack from Fox Airsoft.

Jonathan’s looking at a new offering from Fox airsoft in Colorado, and it’s something he’s been wanting to see in this industry for a long time.

A combo airsoft gun that works for long engagements and CQB games… but this one has a unique twist that only an ICS M4 could provide. Watch and see what it is.

This combo includes an ICS UK1 Transform4 with an upgraded MTR S1 stock, an ICS UK1 Captain comlete upper receiver, an ICS UK1 Captain metal flash hider.All of these components combined would sell for well over $600, but we’re offering this entire package for only $499.99!

This combo essentially gives you two guns, as the Transform4 upper receiver comes shooting at just under 400 FPS out of the box, making it a great fit for outdoor play. Meanwhile, the UK1 Captain upper receiver is built to be shooting right at 350 FPS which is ideal for any CQB fields. Due to ICS’ innovative Split Gearbox Design, these rifles strip down just like their real steel counterparts.

Swapping upper receivers is as simple as popping two pins! The split gearbox design also makes gearbox repairs and maintenance even easier, as the upper and lower portions of the gearbox are completely separate. Now there’s no more fiddling with triggers and shims and gearsets and triggers just to chagne your spring or other compression parts!

The included ICS Captain flash hider is full metal and will thread right onto any 14mm CCW threads. The upgraded ICS MTR S1 stock included on this version of the Transform4 is more comfortable and also capable of holding much larger batteries, including standard butterfly style packs.

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