Airsoft Systems from Bulgaria came up with their very own M4 system wich is based on a regular AR15 design. The company is already well known for their Smart Control Unit. The ASAR features a completely new designed split gearbox wich is similar to the ICS version but with a lot of very special features.  The two gearbox pieces fit together in a 45 degree angle so that they align perfectly and no dust or dirt can get into the gearbox. A completley new tappet plate design allows the nozzle to be pressed against the hop-up rubber with a higher pressure and allows a better air sealing. The new gearbox design also features a quick-spring-release and allows the player to change the spring within seconds. The Smart Control Unit has also been integrated and gives a very realistic trigger pull like on a real M4. It also stops fireing when there is no B left in the magazine. This function does not use an optical light barrier like Systema, it uses a purely mechanical system that goes inside the hop-up chamber. The hop-up chamber is also a very unique design. It looks like an standard M4 type with a MP5 style adjustment lever.It also features a sock tube that can carry a 1300mAh lipo battery and a 6.04mm inner barrel.


Airsoft Systems wanted to build a gun that is “from players for players”, that is reliable and doesn’t need to be upgraded at all because it comes with high quality internals an externals. Price will roughly be about 450USD and will hit the market approximetly in summer next year. Click here for the Gallery.