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Austin from Airsoft Station checked out the Echo 1 GAT AEG for you. Check out the product overview video below.

The Echo1 General Assault Tool, or GAT as it’s more commonly called, is a notoriously prolific SMG that is also one of the most versitile CQB AEGs on the market. It’s ultra-compact design and featherweight 3.5lbs build make this AEG a breeze to use in even the most confined environments.

Echo1 designed the GAT to be a 1:1 scale replica of the real SMG. The included brick-style battery fits comfortably out of sight within the front grip eliminating the need for an external PEQ box that is required on most front-wired guns. Using the provided 8.4v NiMH battery, this pistol fires 340-350 FPS with 0.20g BBs at 13 rounds per second. The GAT’s custom wiring harness allows for the use of LiPO batteries as well making this SMG fire up to 18 BBs per second as well. At 340-350 FPS, this SMG is perfect for indoors or close-quarters environments. The internals of the GAT come pre-upgraded, with a reinforced gearbox shell, steel tooth piston and ported piston head, as well as a Madbull Bucking within it’s 1-piece hop up. This SMG is so compact and lightweight that the only thing better than owning Echo1’s GAT is owning two!

echo1 gat

Internal Features:

  • 6.06mm x 165mm Inner Barrel
  • 1 Piece Adjustable hop up with Madbull Bucking
  • Full Steel Tooth Piston & Ported Nylon Piston Head
  • M110 Spring
  • Reinforced Custom 8mm Bearings Gearbox
  • LiPO Ready Custom Wiring Harness

External Features & Accessories:

  • Durable Polymer Frame
  • (2) 250 BB High Capacity Magazines
  • 8.4v Small Type Brick Style NiMH Battery and Standard Charger Included
  • Ergonomic Front Grip holds battery – No need for an external PEQ box
  • Metal Sling Mounting Points
  • Metal upper receiver and outer barrel assembly

Grab yours here >>> ECHO1 GAT AEG

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