The guys at Airsoft Megastore checked out the PTS – Mega Arms MKM CQB GBBR and announced an awesome giveaway!

The Mega Arms MKM AR 15 replica is PTS Syndicate’s promise of delivering a realistic rifle experience in terms of both functionality and craftsmanship on the airsoft field. This Gas Blowback Rifle is of an unbelievable 1:1 scale of the real steel original and features a full metal construction for you to carry into battle. From the 10.5-inch steel barrel down to the 9-inch aluminum KeyMod compatible rail system, rifle is balanced and lightweight.

Seriously folks, this rifle feels extremely durable and highly tactical at base level with removable forward/rear sights, bird cage style flash hider and a Mega Arms skeletonized trigger.

This MKM CQB Rifle welcomes customization using embedded RIS and monolithic top rail to outfit this wonder. Break out your best PEQ Box, Scope and bipod to turn this dynamo into a “one-stop shop” airsoft solution! A KSC/KWA derived Gas Blowback system lends this AR 15 one of the most realistic recoil functions you’ll encounter in airsoft and adds a greater degree of realism ahead of other GBBR’s in its class.

The ergonomics PTS has brought to the table are extremely comfortable. The proprietary design of the enhanced polymer grip feels natural in the palm of your hand. The enhanced stock collapses easily and features a unique cheek weld that cushions you and allows you move about smartly in CQB scenarios with no discomfort. Store your small items, tools and utilities in a stock storage compartment for easy access.

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