Airsoft Medicine bings you more news from the SHOT Show. Enjoy watching!

Kriss has just announced the upcoming release of their line of airsoft M4 automatic electric guns under the name Krytac. The M4 line is called the Trident line. This gun was developed by US-based people who are extensively experienced in working with the best airsoft guns and responding to the needs or players.

Now we see the magazine for the for the G&G M1 Garand. It will be available later. Don’t hate on us for not knowing the release dates.

The ICS TransforM4 airsoft M4 AEG was displayed at Shot Show 2014. This gun will be avialable through http://www.airsplat.comwhen it is released. It features a new electric blow-back simulation which avoids problems encountered with earlier methods used for electric blow-back.

The Airsoft FN (5.7) Five-seveN gas blowback pistol is now available through Spartan Imports, as shown at Shot Show 2014.

TraiterJack asked a question of Airsoft Medicine regarding Galils. ICS makes the ICAR ARM/GRM support weapon version of the Galil. I wanted to show him the ICS Galil at Shot Show 2014.

The airsoft M3 Grease Gun World War II era sub-machine gun from ICS at Shot Show 2014 is shown in this video. It now has mid-cap magazines available.