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Why waste your money on an aluminum adapter that will deform or chip, when our high-strength steel adaptor includes a premium, ultra-lightweight GBB oil and a plastic adaptor tip for only $25? The choice is clear!


Airsoft Innovations Steel Probe Propane Adaptor Kit




Unbreakable High Strength Steel Probe
• Completely re-useable
• Compatible with nearly every gas gun. Adaptors for both propane and computer duster gas.
• Reduce gas costs by 80%
• Real instruction manual, no engrish!
• Soft sealing plastic tip doesn’t mar brass magazine fill valves.
• Comes with a repair tip in case you damage the propane adaptor tip.
• Shippable via standard non HazMat methods. Is your green gas safe to ship?

Kit Includes:
High Strength Propane Adaptor:
• Strong heat treated alloy steel probe resists damage
• Fills your GBB mags with “dirt cheap” widely available propane (it’s almost free)
• Did you know green gas is propane?
• Uses commonly available 14-16oz propane tanks to power your airsoft devices

Premium GBB Oil:
• 1.5wt premium silicone oil selected for use in GBB/GBBRs
• Only 2 drops for every 10 magazine fills keeps your gun in top shape

Duster Adaptor:
• Fills your GBB mags with computer duster gas (HFC134A – Tetrafluoroethane)
• This adaptor can be used to extend your propane adaptor tip
• Can also be used as a repair tip for your propane adaptor!



Available now at or a retailer near you!


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