WE Airsoft launches HPA Conversion Kit for WE GBB magazines.

Check out the brand new WE TTI GBBR to HPA conversion kit for your WE GBB rifles and pistols.If you’ve experienced poor performance from your gas magazines when the weather is too cold for conventional gas you need this kit.

WE Airsoft HPA Conversion Kit

Achieve incredible consistency on single and full auto firing modes and have the ability to adjust the FPS within your site limits. Just replace the fill valve on your standard WE gas magazines with our HPA QD connector, plug in your line and regulator and hook up to your favourite HPA tank and you’re good to go!


  • Ideal for the Polar Star PR-15 / Fusion Engine
  • 36″ Integrated “Big Bore” air line
  • Low-profile, lightweight design
  • Dual quick disconnect fittings
  • Max Input Pressure: 300 PSI (Requires SLP HPA Tank. NOT compatible with standard HPA tanks that output over 300 PSI)
  • Compatible with Ninja 90/4500 HPA System Carbon Fiber Tank & other SLP HPA Tanks.

If you are using your WE TTI HPA conversion kit with our GBBR’s and GBB pistols you’ll need to make sure you keep your internals well lubricated with a suitable airsoft grease & silicone oil (more regularly than if you are just using green gas).

Compressed air does not contain the same lubricating agents as green gas does, so it is very important to keep your rifle of pistol well maintained.

These will be coming to quality airsoft dealers near you soon.

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