No Glock – No Good! Gear-up with the 19X

…”there´s a Glock for any reason” and so there´s the airsoft version of the Glock19X made from UMAREX/VFC to close the gap for now!… between the Gen4s and the maybe (hopefully, please do it, we want it, ahh,..come on UMAREX/VFC) soon to be released Gen5 MOS Glocks. But the 19X is a gun that dosn´t fit into previous Glock lines as it combines a G17 frame and a G19 slide and some more features.

VFC Glock19X

Regarding to Glocks manufacture´s data, the real steel 19X has been sold over a 100.000 times already “and counting”. Thanks to the companies named above, the airsoft community is able to receive this model as well in 2019. Shipping to deales around the globe is in progress as we speak and you can order it if you like at most of them right now already. But is it just like the first batch of Gen3 & Gen4 a lot of airsofters were not so happy with?

Here´re some facts you may want to know what has changed:

Umarex/VFC Glock 19X is the first official licensed Airsoft G19X. Compared with previous Glock products, its not only a change in shape but also features improved systems which include:

  • Patent QRS type front-adjusting hop mechanism
  • Recoil strengthened by 30%
  • Reinforced semi-automatic hammer system
  • Ambidextrous slide stop
  • Equipped lanyard loop
  • Size designed to fit with real steel compatible Glock holsters

Got your interest? Then look for yours at those dealers if you like:

RWA >>

Land Warrior >>

Sniper >>