Now available from Cybergun – The full licensed Airsoft Glock 17

The wait is over! Well just for the French players so far…

Cybergun announced two days ago that their GLOCK G17 Inokatsu GBB/CO² model will be available for the French market soon.
Read below the official release from the company and get a first look at the gun.

Airsoft Glock 17 Cybergun

To our non French fans, we had the pleasure to announce today that we are now able to distribute Glock replicas on the French market (sorry ).

The first model that we will distribute is the GLOCK G17 Inokatsu. It is an adaptation of the training version we made for the military and law enforcement.

It took us a whole year of development, starting from scratch, and several tests with various police units to finalize it. Here are some of its key features:

– new internals
– 100% identical frame
– aluminum CNC slide for better durability and realism
– new nozzle and pump housing for stronger recoil and maximum regularity
– one piece steel spring guide and steel hammerset, again for better durability
– shipped with CO2 mag but works with a gas mag without modification required

Its conception followed strict technical specifications and its producion process was particularly demanding. All of this prompted us to classify it under the Inokatsu brand, a sign of quality and fidelity in the airsoft world.

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