The guys at Evike Airsoft checked out the Matrix SR-3M Vikhr AEG for you. Check out the product overview at the video below.

Matrix SR-3M Vikhr Compact Assault Rifle Airsoft AEG

Based off of the VSS AS-Val assault rifle and originally intended to be used as a concealable, fully automatic, high power assault rifle by VIP protection teams and and state security teams, the SR-3M Vikhr compact assault rifle offers all of the benefits of using a full size battle rifle without the length and bulk of using a traditional rifle. Chambered in 9X39mm, the same round used in the AS-VAL and VSS Vintorez rifles, the SR-3M became popular with many military, law enforcement agencies and NGOs that required a large amount of fire power in an SMG size package.

Matrix SR-3M Vikhr


  • Constructed from metal alloy and injection molded polymer
  • Side folding stock allows for the rifle to be easily transported and concealed
  • Side mount is compatible with SVD/VSS type optic mount
  • Integrated polymer vertical grip
  • Compatible with VSS type AEG magazines

Grab yours here >>> MATRIX SR-3M VIKHR AEG