Matt from Evike Airsoft checked out the ARES Amoeba MR/E Micro CQB M4 AEG for you. Check out the product video below.

500mm only from flash hider to extendable stock in length.
Equipped with Amoeba brand new designed, short, 140rds, with easy drawing rubber block attached magazine. A slender cylindrical foregrip, which makes the rifle flexible steering and easier to hold even with two fingers. A free float CNC6063 handguard with threadings along the 8 surfaces, allows easy screw on with Amoeba gun rails to put on with your tactical flashlight, laser aimer, vertical grip. etc.

The ARES Amoeba MR/E Micro CQB M4 AEGworks with the Amoeba Electronic Firing Control System (EFCS) Gearbox, the trigger response is excellent and with a high firing frequency.Electronic Gearbox Programmer compatible which allows to set the AEG to burst fire as your preference.It also adopts an amplifier flash hider which produces the punching noise for deterring your enemy.