Matt from Evike Airsoft shows off the  Modify XTC-G1 AEG.

The XTC Carbine AEG is the first complete rifle from Modify Airsoft. Modify Airsoft has been well known in the airsoft market for providing high quality internal upgrade parts and accessories for a wide array of rifles. With all those parts combined, they have come out with their own complete airsoft gun. The Modify XTC Carbine features a billet style aluminum upper and lower receiver as well as a keymod front rail system made out of aluminum as well for overall durability without increasing the overall weight of the rifle. The left and right side of the gun run an ambidextrous fire selector but with a twist. The selector only needs to turn 45 degrees to switch from semi to full auto instead of the traditional 90 degree turn. The trigger contains a straight trigger commonly found in competition rifles for a more pleasing aesthetic appearance and function for the shooter. The upper receiver consists a functional charging handle and bolt catch to allow ease of use when adjusting the hop up.

Internally, this rifle features a very unique gearbox design. The quick change spring system can be accessed through the buffer tube with the use of an extended 4mm hex tool. The piston feautres Modify’s white ultra piston with the second to last tooth removed and half steel teeth rack for extended durability. Compression components include Modify’s upgraded aluminum cylinder and cylinder head with double o-ring. In conjunction with these the air nozzle has an o-ring to maintain maximum air seal. With all these parts combined, the gun’s velocity is much more consistent and no longer need to upgrade the gun even further right out of the box. The gears feature the common version 2 gear set but for only the bevel and sector. The spur consists of a design similar to a version 7 gear set to obtain a little higher rate of fire. 8mm Ball Bearings allow for a smoother rotation as the gun operates. Last but not least, the gun features a built in basic mosfet to protect and prolong the trigger contact life. Overall, the Modify XTC Carbine was designed to be upgraded already right out of the box for performance and durability.