Matt from Evike Airsoft shows off the new Jag Percision PHX-15 AEG Series.

In the market for a new rifle for your needs in LEO training, Milsim events or just any other Airsofting? The go to gun for you will be the JAG Arms PHX15 rifle that is offered in three different lengths and suited for a wide variety of uses.

aking a closer look at the PHX15 rifles you will notice the different barrel and MLok hand guard options while the receiver and stock remain the same. The longest of the group is the PHX15 RECCE rifle and utilizes a 15″ MLok hand guard and underneath is a 16″ outer barrel and 407mm polished brass inner barrel. The PHX15 Crusader is a midsized rifle that is equipped with a 13″ MLok hand guard and a shorter barrel to have a semi covered KX3 from MadBull/SoCom Gear which is included. The shortest of the rifles will be the PHX15 SBR and with a 9″ MLok hand guard it offers the best of the fire power in a compact package.