Matt from Evike Airsoft shows off the ICS Full Metal CXP-08 Electric Blowback AEG.

ICS made most of this rifle’s components from scratch when trying to design an incredibly compact yet still functional M4 variant. The contributing factors to this rifle’s compact size and sleek design are the low profile collapsible stock, short barrel, and semi-modular rail system.

This rail system allows you to take off the side sections in order to keep the rifle slimmer, or keep them attached for mounting lights and lasers and such. Because this model is so small, the battery has to be mounted in either the handguard or in the included mock PEQ / battery box.The rear iron sight/riser is removable, but removing it makes the receiever rail no longer be flush with the top rail on the RIS.

This rifle has a surprising amount of metal on it for a composite bodied gun, featuring a metal rail system and barrel, metal top rail and stock arms, and metal hardware on the receiever. The composite body on this gun is strong and durable, but still retains its light weight.

Internally, you’ll find ICS’ trademark Split Gearbox Design variation of the Version 2 gearbox, making maintenance, repairs, and upgrades all that much easier. This gun’s compact size and powerful performance make it a contender on pretty much any field, whether it’s indoor or outdoor.