Welcome back to Part 2 of Airsoft Around the World

Written by Tim of RedWolf Airsoft, this new series on their own blog cover his experience in the world of airsoft. Part 1 was about his time playing in Hong Kong and the UK, Part 2 goes across the pond to the United States. Enjoy reading if you´re interested.

GamePod Combat Zone– Welcome to Antioch:

Imagine yourself dozing off after a full day prepping your first ever event in the US, gathering what spare blankets, bed sheets, sofa cushions you could to make your window ledge, which is large enough to fit a full sized man (except that it wasn’t), as comfortable as a window ledge could ever be, to then shutting your jet lagged eyes while your body jitters with excitement, only to be greeted by an earthquake early in the morning followed by laughter as Rob said, “Welcome to Antioch.”

Yeah, that happened.

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