Welcome to Part 1 of the series “Airsoft Around the World”

Written by Tim of RedWolf Airsoft, this new series on their own blog cover his experience in the world of airsoft. Starting at the very beginning, part 1 goes over his home town Hong Kong all the way to the time he spend in Bristol, UK. Check it out if you´re interested and enjoy reading.

Things were very simple at the beginning. I was Tim from Operations and my job was to help Tazz with new products every now and again. Many things have changed since I first played at the age of 16 but jumping straight back into the Airsoft scene after being stranded on a huge island for three years was a huge relief. Airsoft isn’t legal in Australia. Poor Aussies. After stepping through the doors at RedWolf for the first time, I never would have thought that I would be given the opportunity to play Airsoft with the most amazing communities around the world.

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