Airsoft Action Issue 98 Overview

Issue 98 is on its way to the printer and it is yet another all-new, all original, all airsoft cracker!

With winter well and truly upon parts of the UK even if you can’t get out to play, in this issue of The Players Choice Best Airsoft Magazine there is plenty to keep you occupied until the snow clears!

Airsoft Action Issue 98We know you love to read about the guns and gear we use and with five visits to the Armoury and loads of articles about kit you won’t be disappointed. The more technically-minded will be interested to read Frenchie’s article on barrels while all of us will benefit from Tom’s tips on how to shoot straight.

Calling on his real-world experience, Bill gives us some excellent advice on being prepared to play in winter conditions and in “Reel Steel” looks at airsoft equivalents to the weapons used in the sublime film, “Lethal Weapon”. Elsewhere Paul Y shows how to easily make and test a ghillie suit, Andy introduces FBI Qualification shooting and Frenchie gives us his views on anti-social-media’s “Big Brother” attitude.

Internationally, we have an exclusive report from the MOA Show in Taiwan, where the very latest in airsoft was on display then, following our reports in the last issue we head back “down under” to Australia, where airsoft guns are banned! However, all is not lost and we have an exclusive interview with two members of the Liberal Democrats who are trying to get the ban lifted and airsoft legalised.

As always, we hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we have putting it together for you.

The Airsoft Action Team.

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