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A long and winding path…

As I sit amidst the contents of three or 4 AEGs with their gearboxes split open and their internals gears and springs spilling out over my workbench I’m forced to hark back to what it was like when this all began. No, I’m not talking about the beginning of existence or even the creation of the first AEG, but rather thinking about when this airsoft thing began for me. I’ve been playing and participating in the hobby we all share a love for for merely a blink of an eye in comparison to many, but I’ve just experienced Tier 1 Military Simulation’s lastest game that took place at STANTA in Thetford, East Anglia, that I must profusely thank Mr Ed Denson for. Little did I expect all that time ago that I would be experiencing -10C and a driving blizzard during the course of my weekend’s airsoft, but I guess that’s called progression!

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