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Now available | The Agency Arms Urban Combat Slide Set

The long awaited RWA Agency Arms Urban Combat Slide Set is now available!

ABOUT THE REAL STEEL GUN: The real steel Agency Arms Urban Combat pistol takes customization to a whole different level. The cuts and serrations are there to reduce weight and increase shooter manipulation. The Flat faced trigger is smooth, the pull is already short stroked and the reset, crisp. The framework is intelligently stippled and has curves in all the right places. Altogether, make for an amazing shooting experience.

agency arms kit

RWA fully replicate the Agency Arms Urban Combat Slide as they hold the licensing rights to recreate the Airsoft version of the Urban Combat in every manner possible. Agency Arms offered help to design the Airsoft replica, making sure that every cut and groove is exactly what you´d find on the real one. This means that the RWA set will include the most realistic looking Slide, trigger, magwell and stainless steel Outer barrel, on the market. Once you do buy this set, you?ll receive a membership card with your own unique number which is fully recognized by Agency Arms giving you the title, of Agent.

This set will fit on a Marui and WE model 17 lower, but RWA will eventually make a replica of the Agency Arms frame so they can sell the Urban Combat as a whole gun.

Available in two versions:


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