The Airsoft & MilSim News Blog is an award winning news site specialised in premium quality reviews and presentations for the Airsoft, Milsim and tactical industry. Airsoft & MilSim News Blog is offering different ways for partners to place their products into the focus of our readers and followers.



On our website we offer different positions for banner advertisement. Please check the banner ad position sheet for your specific banner ad. You can change your banner advertisement as often as you want. So you can use one banner position for different campaigns. We also offer also special banner positions for mobile views. Allowed file types are are jpg or png. We don not use animated GIFs or similar because these type of files are slowing down our website and lead to bad user experiences. For more information, prices and bookings, please contact us via the contact form.



Our independent and experienced team of editors are able to create premium quality reviews for your products. We not only test products but give feedback to the manufacturers as well so they can improve their products and get the best out of them. If you are interested in a review for your products please contact us via contact form.

A list of our latest works you can find in the review section of our website.



Besides our regular news posts, interviews and reviews for the Tactical, Airsoft and Milsim industry we offer the creation of paid postings. You can send us your latest news from your shop or company and we will edit and post it to our website. Please keep in mind that we do not release any posts which do not fit our readership and market audience. If you subscribe to a banner advertisement for a minimum of 6 month you can get free paid posts for the same time period. For more information please contact us via the  contact form.



On our social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we run campaigns to make your brand or product better known. From simple awareness posts up to giveaways or photo contests, we can offer a wide range of social media campaigns for your target needs. Please contact us for further information via the  contact form.



Every year the Airsoft & MilSim News Blog runs a photo contest at the biggest MilSim Event in Europe called Border War. Around 3000 players from the whole of Europe will attend this event. More information about the event itself you can find out more here: You can find the photo contest website at

How your company can support the contest

For the winners of the photo contest, we will need prizes like AEGs, Tactical Gear or similar. You can, as a sponsor, provide these items for further social media presence and promotion.

The benefit for your company

Your company logo and mentionings will be added to the flyers (which every player of the event gets at the registration of the event), online banner on our photo contest website and social media campaigns on all social media platforms. Optional (extra payment) we offer PVC banner positions at construction wire fences and event tents at the event location.



We are in close contact with different organisers of Airsoft, Milsim and Tactical training events. Just contact us for further information via the contact form.