MRE?! or Adventure Menu?! Which is the way to go…

You think about the food you want to carry out for your next MilSim, game or outdoor adventure? You think a MRE is the way to go because everybody say´s: it´s issued man, it´s great eat it! Well, I would say you better think twice.

Adventure Menu offer you an easy option to have a healthy, natural and tasty meal that is ready to eat anywhere and in any situation! You can choose between desserts, meals with meat and also vegetarian meals. Most of the meals are Gluten-free as well!

Adventure MenuHandmade food from top quality ingredients and without preservatives. Delicious food full of organic nutrients that stays fresh under any conditions. Ready made food that heats itself so that you can focus on the essentials of your trip. Food that guarantees healthy, indigestion-free experience. Food manufactured by and for travelers.Adventure MenuOur friends at 365+ Tactical offer you a wide range from Adventure Menu and we suggest you to stop by their website and check for meals before you head out for your next trip. If you want to save a bit, right now they offer you 10% disount on the whole product line available. Just follow the link below!


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