UNLEASHED!! Team ASG (Action Sports Games) first pictures of the NEW ASG CZ EVO3 S1 Carbine & BET Carbine.

As SHOT Show 2017 is now in its full swing, the companies like Action Sports Games starting to show off their new products for the season right after the Media Range Day ends. Below you get a first look at the new CZ EVO models which are the so called EVO3 S1 Carbine & BET Carbine. Beside these pictures you also find the official press release from ASG. Enjoy reading.



ActionSportGames® reveals the CZ Scorpion EVO Carbine at SHOT Show 2017

Espergaerde, Denmark – January 17, 2017– ActionSportGames® announced today the CZ Scorpion EVO 1 Carbine Airsoft rifles at SHOT Show 2017

The groundbreaking CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 Airsoft submachinegun made its market debut in 2014 and quickly established itself as the best Airsoft gun in the industry. As the first Airsoft gun mass-produced outside of Asia (manufactured at the ActionSportGames® headquarters in Denmark), it featured highend components that are still industry-leading even today, four years after its initial release. The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 Carbines are new additions to the EVO family of products, and build upon the triedand-tested platform. Available in an A1 configuration with a standard barrel or a BET configuration with a barrel extension tube, the Scorpion EVO Carbines feature longer barrels and redesigned fore-ends with an aggressive styling to match its high performance.

Attendees of SHOT Show 2017 will have the opportunity to see and handle production samples of the CZ Scorpion EVO Carbines variants at the ActionSportGames® booth.


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