The wait is over! The DTNVG from ACTinBlack is finally available to purchase in it´s full swing.

If you followed our page and social media for the last half a year, you may remember that we have shared some news & details about the DTNVG (Dual Tube Night Vision Goggle) already. We had the privelege to be one of the first who could test the prototype models in the past and we´re happy that we can say: it´s out now! We put the DTNVGs through its pieces during CQB & greenside trainings some of our AMNB crew members did together with Project Gecko. A quick thank you at this point to the guys over at ACT for their trust.


As follow below, we provide you all facts you have to know about the two versions which are current available to puchase at their shop “PLUS” a bonus information for all you “aviation” Nod users…


Do we look at the new leader of the pack?!

Here are the hard facts you have to know to get started.

The DTNVG has been designed to meet the high demands of ground operation units and special forces. Focusing on high optical performance, and a lightweight, ergonomic design. Submergibility of 20m is available on demand. ACTinBlack is proud to announce that the DTNVG has successfully transitioned from military trials to production and the first units are already being shipped out the door. Proven in the harshest of conditions and tested under military standards, the DTNVG promises to exceed expectations.

The Dual Tube Night Vision Goggles (DTNVG) is a lightweight binocular night vision device made for the professional user. Having full depth perception is key for all sorts of terrain – with the DTNVG the user will have that at a very low weight with all features necessary. Low profile while folded to the helmet, self-supporting structure while stored and ergonomic design are key aspects of the DTNVG.


At a weight of slightly above 500g it is lighter than any other binoculars in its category. Absolute weight is one measure, but also how weight is placed on a helmet is even more important. This is why the DTNVG is designed so that it folds onto a helmet to give an optimal centre of gravity, providing less strain to the neck while stored.


The DTNVG uses advanced solid-state technology to control all aspects of the binoculars operations.  In selecting advanced technology, it allows an expanded feature set with higher reliability and reduced power consumption to extend mission time.  In addition, many features were added to the DTNVG to simplify the operations by the user, with individual sideways ON/OFF for each eyepiece and Flip-Up ON/OFF when folded up preventing green back splash on the helmet in a folded-up position.

To complete the DTNVG’s feature it incorporates built-in IR LED for close quarter missions with separate “IR-on” indicator and Low battery indication in the field of view.

Meeting the toughest mission standards, the DTNVG is built to MIL-STD-810G and can be used in submersible operations to 20M (66”)



The whole DTNVG is controlled by just one central pull switch in the front of the device. Functions are ON/OFF, IR-ON momentary, IR-ON steady (pull).

Two versions of the DTNVG are available to choose from. One version utilizes AN/AVS aviation lenses (no aviation coating!) for superior image quality and weight reduction, this version utilizes PVS-14 objectives, offering compatibility to all PVS-14 accessories.

Power source is a single CR123A battery for longer battery run time, but can also be powered by an AA battery using an adapter.

The DTNVG uses standard MX-10160 tubes which allows it to adopt tubes from different manufacturers. It is also compatible with MX-11769 tubes.


·         Manufacturer: ACTinBlack Luxembourg
·         Weight: 528g
·         Finish: Matte Black, Corrosion Resistant
·         Fibre re-enforces polycarbonate body
·         Adaptable mounting solutions
·         Flip-Up On-Off
·         Side Flip-Up On-Off
·         Built-in IR LED with “IR-on” indicator in FOV
·         Low battery indicator in FOV
·         Waterproof: 20m for two hours
·         Warranty: 2 Year Warranty
·         Gate: Autogated available in the options
·         Tube datasheet: Yes
·         Magnification: 1X
·         FOV: 40º
·         Objective Lens: F/1.2
·         Ocular Lens: EFL 26mm
·         Diopter: +6 to -4
·         Focus: 25cm to Infinity
·         Power: One (1) Lithium CR123 or AA Battery (adapter required)
·         Battery Life: Approx. 25 Hours at Room Temp. (CR123A)

INCLUDED: 2x Eye Cup, Hard Case, Lens Tissue, Day Filter Cover, 2x Sacrificial Window, 2x Demist Shield, Operator’s Manual, Battery, Battery Adapter, Neck Cord

Grab yours here:

DTNVG-14 >>>




DTNVG conversion kit

If you run an ANVIS and you want to turn it into something more solid and strong, ACT offers the DTNVG as an conversion kit including the service for the conversion itself as well. Just drop them a mail and ask for it.



In addition to producing high quality Night Vision Equipment, ACTinBlack is a recognized researcher in the field of Night Vision Technologies. Working with some of the world’s leading subsuppliers as well as prestigious universities in optical and night vision
research. Partnering with law enforcement and military allows them to cover the essentials required to design Night Vision products and solutions.


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