Capt Bob Schoultz (USN Ret), former SEAL watched the movie ACT of VALOR two times with friends and a active duty Capt. from NSW. Now he´s going to write a first review at his blog about it.

“I recently viewed the movie Act of Valorfor the second time. I was invited by the Cinema Society of San Diego to view a pre-screening, and afterward, I and a few other SEAL veterans and an active duty Captain from Naval Special Warfare Command were asked to come forward and offer comments.  Since the movie is opening to the public this week, and is generating a lot of buzz in the media, I thought it would be an appropriate topic for this blog.

A little Background: This movie project was initiated a number of years ago when the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community was under considerable pressure to increase its numbers to meet increasing commitments, and that meant amping up recruiting efforts. My guess is that they were trying to repeat the recruiting success that followed An Officer and a Gentleman and Top Gun for Naval aviation a generation ago.  The Bandito Brothers were selected to help create and film a recruiting film, and over time, the recruiting film turned into a feature length movie.   It is ironic that Act of Valor, starring active duty SEALs, is coming out at probably the historic peak of public awareness and admiration of Navy SEALs, in the wake of SEAL snipers recovering Captain Phillips of the Maersk Alabama from Somali Pirates, the successful raid against Osama bin Laden, the tragic helicopter crash, and the recent recovery of two hostages in Somalia. The release of  Act of Valor is preceded by a major publicity and marketing campaign, just as the Naval Special Warfare community is trying to lower its public profile and get back to focusing on their mission as ‘the Quiet Professionals.’

But the wheels for this movie began turning when recruiting was struggling, and all of these very public successes were still years into the future.    Though Act of Valor is being released  at an awkward time for the NSW community, the leadership seems to be graciously dealing with, yet again, more publicity.”

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