UF PRO AcE Winter Combat Shirt Coming Soon

Hot news for the colder days just went in from UF PRO. The AcE Winter Combat Shirt is soon available! It uses high-tech materials in a special hybrid design structure to supply the right amount of warmth for the upper half of the body in low-temperature environments. You can read the full press-release below.

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (29 Nov. 2017) – UF PRO®, maker of innovative clothing for military and law enforcement personnel, today announced it will begin selling a frigid-weather combat shirt offering optimal upper body warmth and dryness.
Called the AcE Winter Combat Shirt, the new product is meant to supply comfort enough to allow wearers to stay focused on the mission and not be distracted by the cold climate, UF PRO said.
The AcE Winter Combat Shirt soon will be available at the UF PRO online shop and at its brick-and-mortar retail counterpart in Trzin, the company revealed.
UF PRO added that it will send via email to subscribers of its e-newsletter an alert announcing the exact date of initial availability.
“Our newsletter subscribers will be the first to know,” UF PRO head of product development Armin Wagner assured.

AcE Winter Combat Shirt

Ideal Cold-Weather Wear

Wagner hailed the AcE Winter Combat Shirt as the ideal piece of tactical wear for cold weather. “It eliminates the problem of layering up to keep out the cold, only to then overheat, start sweating, and cause the shirt to become frozen,” Wagner explained.

Constructed with a windproof and water-repellent outer layer, the AcE Winter Combat Shirt achieves ideal interior temperatures with the help of a special high-performance, lightweight, and breathable thermal lining, he said.

“Importantly, the AcE Winter Combat Shirt is designed to expel sweat so the wearer feels dry at all times,” Wagner added.
The shirt’s superior comfort is due in part to air/pac® inserts fabricated into the shoulder and
upper back. The air/pac inserts serve another purpose – according to Wagner, closing the
supplied ventilation openings will cause air to become trapped, which then provides an extra
source of insulation.

Wear It Alone or with Other Items

The AcE Winter Combat Shirt can be worn alone or with other gear, such as a hard-shell jacket,
an additional thermal jacket, body armour, or a backpack, Wagner indicated.
“An angled front zipper improves its compatibility with additional layers,” said Wagner. “You  can also add 8mm-thick air/pac mesh inserts to help distribute the weight of body armour or a
heavy backpack.”

Meanwhile, front and side zippers control the flow of air between insulation layers and regulate
how much of that flow directly traverses the wearer’s abdomen and back, he said.
Another valuable feature is openings in the shirt’s wrist-warmers. “They let you easily check
your watch,” he relayed. “Also, there’s a collar adjuster to prevent blowing snow from finding
its way down the shirt.”

Because elbows invariably are subjected to the harshest abuse in the field, UF PRO crafted that
area of the shirt with Cordura® reinforcement.”This makes the elbows exceptionally durable,”
Wagner said.
As for colour choices, Wagner reported that the AcE Winter Combat Shirt will be available in
Frost-Grey, Black, Brown-Grey, and MultiCam.

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