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Last week I received a new case for my guns. Normally I use a Peli Case but I wanted something to contain my old Mauser K98, my AR15 and my Pistol with all the ammo. So I chose the Voodoo Tactical Weapons Case in 42” (106,68cm) in Coyote.




First the most important question: “What can it hold?”

The maximum is two rifles up to honest 104cm in length, up to 12 30rds-MIl-Standard-Metal Magazines or 6 30rds PMAG/GMAG Magazines plus 8 Pistol Magazines, 2 or 3 Pistols and Ammunition. This is a lot to carry! Amazing! But it got a little too tight for my Mauser.




The rifles can be stored in the main compartment wich is separated with a padded flap. Both rifles can be secured by hook-and-loop straps. The height of the case allows the user to store his AR15 / M4 even with the scope or EOTech mounted. This saves a lot of trouble. There are to Fastex buckles to relieve the main zipper from the weight of the rifles.

The case comes with 6 (mine came with 7) padlocks and key to securely close all the pockets. The padlocks have all the same key. The first impression on the locks was a little cheap, but they work.  There are two ways to carry the case. The carry-handles and a padded shoulder strap with Molle webbing. The shoulder strap can be removed.

There is some Molle webbing on the sides of the case for utility pouches or cleaning kits. The Voodoo Tactical logo is embroidered on the front center pocket. Speaking about pockets. There are 6 pockets besides the main compartment as you can see on the photos. The outer compartments hold the magazines while the inner can take the pistols or whatever you need to store. All magazine compartments can be closed with hook-and-loop.



My conclusion:

If you like a gun/rifle case that contains all your pistols, rifles and magazines in well padded and easy accessible pockets than the 42” Deluxe Weapons Case is your choice! It´s high quality, high capacity and it looks just great. Awesome to be honest with you! Compared to a Peli Case Box, it´s cheaper and lighter. But not protected against all environments like heavy rain and other heavy weather or transport damage. For a good day at the range and for heavy duty in a average part of the world it´s just perfect. I love it!

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