Introducing the hang-on pouch

New official product from Combat Systems. The velcro hang-on pouch. It was designed to provide a “fanny pack” add-on function under your plate carrier front flap. The main compartment of the hang-on pouch provide you two 1″ elastic bands to secure small tools, pens etc. + a mesh internal pocket is integrated to store other small equipment inside. A small velcro area on the front allows your to place patches as well.

Velcro hang-on pouch

Of course the “hang-on pouch” remindes you on the Ferro Concepts Dengler which is possible the tamplate for it. But the fact that the Dangler is hard to get over here in Europe and the cost is a bit high if you find it, the Combat Systems hang-on pouch could be your piece of chioce.

Dimensions: 21x13x5 cm

…soon available at their shop.

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