Introducing the new 3D Shooting Dummy from 365+ Tactical

It might look as something old, but they guarantee you, you will be surprised by it!

365+ Tactical is a Slovanian based company that´s specialized in tactical gear, shooting accessories and much more. Their latest addition and production are the 3D Shooting Dummy which are designed for Law Enforcement/Military training and shooting ranges. Stepping the training experience one step ahead, these targets will become your new best friend to shoot at!

3D Shooting Dummy

Our 3D Shooting Dummy is a unique, self-sealing shooting torso target on the market. The most important feature that sets it aside from the competition is weight, which is up to 4x less (5kg Only) than similar products on the market, while it takes 50% more shoots then other Dummies out there.

3D Shooting Dummy

10.000 Shoots and still standing!

The dummies are made from a special Polyurethane foam which is rigid enough for the 3D Shooting dummy to stands by its self, but still not too hard to damage the bullets, which pass through the target without making any considerable damage. Due to this, the targets are highly resilient and durable, and a single dummy can take up to 10.000 shots before it needs to be replaced.

Intterested to learn more about them? Sure thing, follow the link below to their website and discover more incl. a product video you would like to see as well.

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